Gourmet by the Kinneret

The famous Armonim bistro now has a northern branch that is just as good... perhaps even better.

Gourmet Israeli restaurant Armonim  (photo credit: courtesy)
Gourmet Israeli restaurant Armonim
(photo credit: courtesy)
Armonim is a gourmet restaurant located in the new industrial area near the Tzemah intersection. From the spacious parking lot, my wife and I entered through the glass doors and were greeted by a smiling hostess. For a moment I thought we were in the wrong place because the décor and style of the room did not look like an eatery.
But before we knew it, we were escorted into a modern elevator that brought us up to the second floor, where we had our first glimpse of the Armonim restaurant.
After a short discussion with the manager, Orel (whom we were ready to welcome into the bosom of our family after knowing him only a few minutes), we were happy to accept his suggestions regarding starters. The talented chef and staff prepared creative and delicious dishes for us, such as Moroccan pastry cigars filled with pieces of grouper and onion and mushrooms on a bed of thinly sliced fresh root vegetables in teriyaki sauce (NIS 44) and beef carpaccio prepared with sea salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar with garlic confit on the side – a perfect blend of flavors (NIS 44).
Then the chef spoiled us with some of Armonim’s specialties: goose liver in wild berry sauce served on small pieces of crispy toast (NIS 89) and cubes of salmon coated with tempura on a bed of sautéed spinach in cream and lemon (NIS 49).
Next, we ordered a sweet potato salad with arugula, romaine lettuce, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, slices of fried sweet potato and cubes of feta cheese (NIS 49). Other starters we noticed but decided to taste on a different occasion were pieces of fried red mullet in a tempura batter (NIS 49) and country-style liver pâté (NIS 32) and mushrooms and chestnuts in Chardonnay.
The assortment of starters was fabulous. Every dish we tasted was prepared with incredible attention to detail, so our expectations for the main course rose accordingly.
We needed some time to rest between courses, though. After some refreshing passion fruit and mint sorbet to cleanse our palates, we took advantage of the break to take a tour of the restaurant. We especially enjoyed visiting the spacious landscaped terrace that overlooks the Kinneret, which seemed like an ideal location to hold a family event.
Back at our table, which by now felt like a home away from home, we got down to the business of selecting our main course. After some healthy and lighthearted debate, we decided to choose on our own. My spouse, who is also my adviser, chose seafood, whereas I chose beef from cattle that grazed in open fields.
She was served a full corvine that was roasted on a taboon, butterflied beautifully and smeared with a mixture of spices and olive oil with garlic confit on the side (NIS 129). After tasting her dish, my dining partner seemed to be in heaven.
I chose tournedos Rossini – charcoal-grilled beef tenderloin with goose liver medallions served with mashed potatoes and truffles in port wine sauce and berries (NIS 149). This was unquestionably Armonim’s best dish. I was overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and was tempted to stand up and declare these feelings out loud for all the other diners to hear; but I restrained myself and thanked Orel and his staff for the delicious meal and for making us feel so at home.
Some of the other main dishes that Armonim offers are an assortment of fish (NIS 89-129) and beef dishes, including a 350-gram entrecote of beef (NIS 119), lamb chops with chestnuts (NIS 109), a slice of sirloin, pullet, skewers with pieces of entrecote, pullet, kebab filled with tehina, merguez with chimichurri sauce and grilled vegetables (NIS 114).
Armonim is a gourmet restaurant, which is clear by looking at the menu and the prices.
It is by far one of the finest restaurants in northern Israel. For the month of October, the restaurant is offering special meals at NIS 99 per person and children’s specials at 1+1.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.ArmonimNot kosher Tzemah by the Kinneret and in Segula (04) 626-6555 Sunday to Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to midnight www.armonimm.co.il Translated by Hannah Hochner