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Resilience lift extreme radiant lifting makeup SPF 15 and Balmain Ambre Gris.

estee lauder cream 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
estee lauder cream 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
RESILIENCE LIFT EXTREME RADIANT LIFTING MAKEUP SPF 15 from Estee Lauder is an allnew high-performance antiaging foundation that delivers all-day moisture, ultra radiance and incredible lift.
Harnessing the power of high performance, this product brings the most advanced age-defying foundation to date. The product has excellent spreadability in a new formula that is ideal for maturing skin. Available in six beautiful shades and can be used in layers to fit individual needs.
Our tester said: “I have very sensitive skin and can’t wear most makeup. This one is very light but it still evens my complexion. It is the best makeup I’ve used in a long time. Unlike other foundations, this one didn’t settle into the fine lines around my eyes and mouth and it also blends beautifully, supplies the right amount of moisture without being shiny and it does spread easily.”
Get it at: Superpharm, Newpharm, Hamashbir Latzarchan, April and other parfumeries (NIS 240 for 30 ml.).
Also known as “floating gold,” ambergris is a rare and precious ingredient with a sumptuous fragrance. The bottle makes play with geometric forms, with a spherical cap in sparkling metal sits atop the bottle.
The scent is feminine, elegant and luxurious. Balmain describes it as woody oriental.
Head notes are pink pepper, bergamot and cinnamon; heart notes myrrh, tuberose and everlasting; and base notes ambergris, pure benzoin, gaiac wood and clean white musk.
Our tester said: “It is just barely floral (thanks to a touch of tuberose at the heart) over a lush, velvety, ever-so-slightly animal-like drydown (the eponymous ambergris). The perfume is very sweet. I definitely smell the tuberose in Ambre Gris along with soft spices like cinnamon and myrrh.
Even though it’s sweet, it has its merits.
The bottle is handsome. Lasting power is excellent up to six hours, but go easy on the spritzer. A great perfume for the cold season.”
Get it at: only April shops (NIS 490 for 100 ml. and NIS 350 for 50 ml.).