Starcatcher for the week of May 20, 2011

TIP FOR THE WEEK: You will work better this week if you are surrounded by lovely people and lovely things.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
MAY 21 – JUNE 21
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Your natural curiosity will be piqued this week as so many interesting stories and events come your way. Although you would love to participate in everything, you are going to have to pick and choose what is most important to you personally as well as professionally. HINT: By the middle portion of the week, you may find that you are rather thinskinned, and will have to work hard not to get upset by someone, who you feel is self-centered and not sensitive to your needs.
Always critical of yourself and others, you are going to have to pull back and be a little more tolerant if you don’t want to destroy and old friendship.You may be right, but that isn’t important. Back off. Money and finances are rarely a problem as your accounts are always kept in order. The problem is that this week, money owed may be delayed in arriving. So plan accordingly. HINT: Good week for taking a water sign out to lunch.
You continue to work hard and your natural sense of justice and diplomacy continues to cement your relationship with your employers, employees and coworkers. All that is needed is for you to find some balance so that your body can unwind and your mind can rest. The time has come to start putting some money aside for a major project. HINT: The middle portion of this week is a good time for planning to be at home with your family.
You are constantly thinking of what you can do to help everyone and the time has come for you to get off the merry-go-round. You have done all you can. Now, walk away. This week take care of your own needs. Meet a special friend, buy something outrageously fattening to eat, join a gym. In the coming months you will begin a new and exciting project which will do a lot to boost your ego. HINT: When in doubt, trust your intuition!
JUNE 22 – JULY 22
This is definitely not the time for staying home and doing routine work as you feel driven to get out and mingle with people. If, however, you do have a project that needs your immediate attention, take your laptop to your favorite coffee shop and let the buzz of the people around you sooth you as you work. Now is the time for action rather than contemplation, so set a schedule and keep to it. HINT: Exercise is good as long as you don’t overdo.
Things are beginning to fall into place and after so many months of questioning yourself, you find that you are happier now than you’ve been for a very long time. Now is a good time to reach out to someone you respect and discuss a business venture that you are interested in. Once you get the feedback you need, you will be able to make your move. HINT: Your relationship with a partner and/or mate may not be as stable as it was, but for now your own needs must come first.
Things are beginning to move in the right direction, so be patient. The contacts you have made over the past few months are important both professionally as well as socially. You have worked very hard establishing a good name and your reputation precedes you. Take some time off this week to socialize. Sunday and Monday are good days for pampering yourself. HINT: Your relationship with a water sign is stronger than ever.
Money and finances are filling your thoughts and actions as you have so much business to take care of. This is not the time for relying on your luck and no matter how hard you push, you won’t be able to move things along any faster than they are moving. So, take your time and deal with what you can handle. The time is right to begin making plans to travel. There are too many people longing to see you again. HINT: The first half of the week is good for socializing and making wishes come true.
The time has come for you to push forward and aim high. You know what you need to do. All that is missing is the quiet emotional space that will allow you to break the barrier that has been holding you back. Don’t let old insecurities keep you from reaching your goal. The beginning portion of this week provides an excellent opportunity for you to meet new people. HINT: Money continues to drip through your fingers like water.
These days you work better as part of a team, so choose your partners carefully. A serious discussion with a professional person will help you find the answers you have been looking for, as long as you are honest and open-minded. You are travelling more lately and need to find a better way of relaxing when you finally return home. HINT: Family members are always close to your heart and soon you will be reunited with someone you hold very dear.
Home and family are on your mind right now and this is a perfect time for you to make some plans to take a break from all your hard work and simply enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it. Someone you trusted has let you down and in the weeks and months to come you will make a decision as to just how important this person is in your life. When speaking to an earth sign, be patient. Eventually, they’ll come to the point. HINT: Time spent with a parent will be pleasant for you both.
So much is happening in your life right now that you are exhausted from the excitement of it all. The good news is that you are a calm, practical and concrete thinker and this is a perfect week for expressing yourself positively. You may take your time making a decision, but once you do you will feel a great sense of relief. Like the proverbial tortoise, slow and steady you will win the race. HINT: A light, bland diet, although boring, is recommended for the next few days.