That’s Lifestyle: Secrets for a successful Succot

Lifestyle Editor wraps up week: Weather-adaptable grilling; olim offer comic relief.

Israel Museum (photo credit: Courtesy)
Israel Museum
(photo credit: Courtesy)
After a brief break for Yom Kippur it was back to delicious holiday recipes and handy travel tips for Succot at the JPost Lifestyle section this week.Chef Laura Frankel took the well-known concept of fondue and made it her own with a unique Succot twist, while the team at  brought a bit of color to the table with a range of inspiring recipes.
Cheese fondue (Laura Frankel)Cheese fondue (Laura Frankel)
Cook Cece Sullivan went for a more traditional approach, using High Holy Days favorite the pomegranate as a basis for some great savory recipes.
Gayle Squires predicted that the elements would be unpredictable over Succot and served up some weather-adaptable grill recipes, to be enjoyed either inside or outside.
skirt steak diablo (Gayle Squires)skirt steak diablo (Gayle Squires)
While Succot revolves around food,  like most Jewish festivals, it’s also a perfect time to travel the country as the weather cools and there is plenty of vacation time on offer. This list of the Top 5 things to do in Jerusalem over Succot was perfect for keeping the family entertained, and Ann Goldberg’s looked at some of the country’s more lively tourist sites, from camel-riding to cow-milking.
Alpaca Farm, Negev Highlands (Courtesy Alpaca Farm)Alpaca Farm, Negev Highlands (Courtesy Alpaca Farm)
Barry Davis travelled to the Galilee to seek out a few cultural gems, while wine expert Adam Montefiore roamed the Judean Hills along the Yoav Yehuda Wine Route in search of some of the country’s best wineries. Laura Taub, for her part, seem satisfied with the “difficult and unpleasant” task of trying out two new health spas located not far from each other on the beaches of Herzliya.
Sarana Spa (courtesy)Sarana Spa (courtesy)
Alternative health expert Natalie Marx was on hand to answer Succot-related queries, including questions about the medicinal properties of the etrog and ways to deal with injuries sustained while building a succa.
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Moving on from the four species and makeshift tents, Loren Minsky talked to popular Jerusalem-based Anglo comedian David Kilimnick about his Off the Wall Comedy Basement and how he has developed his act over the years.
JPost’s Lauren Izso caught up with some of the organizers and bloggers involved in the Taste of Israel project, a unique trip that brought some of the world’s most popular food bloggers to Israel in order for them to get a taste of Israel’s best culinary offerings.
After a short break for the High Holy Days, next week some of the JPost Lifestyle section’s popular columnists will be returning including Tanya Powell-Jones with an insight into the Jewish history of Budapest, as well as the the Taste TLV team with their list of the Top 5 neighborhood eateries in the city that never sleeps.The writer is's Lifestyle editor.