What are you thankful for?

In honor of the Shavuot mitzva of "bikkurim" in which farmers brought their first fruits to the Temple, we want to know what have been the fruits of your labor.

fruit (photo credit: Michelangelo da Carvaggio)
(photo credit: Michelangelo da Carvaggio)
Shavuot is fast approaching, and as well as spending time with family and eating cheesecake, the festival is traditionally associated with the mitzva of “bikkurim” – to represent the time when farmers brought the first fruits to the Temple.
Although the Temple no longer stands and this ritual is no longer practiced, Shavuot is often referred to as "Hag HaBikurim," a time when people are thankful for a "first" in their lives.
People no longer bring their first fruits in the literal sense, but the reference can be translated into modern times. It could be the day a first child was born, making aliya, the first day in a new house or a child's first day at school. Here at JPost.com we want to hear your "bikkurim" stories and why they mean so much to you.
Please send us a short description of a "first" which has been significant to you. We also want to see your pictures from the event so please send them in too.
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