Work in Progress: Getting started

A new column: Employment expert Danielle Berkowitz offers her advice on how to navigate the Israeli job market.

Workers in an office 370 (photo credit: Thinkstock)
Workers in an office 370
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The Israeli job market is full of opportunities, innovative trends, new start-ups and household brand names and the high-tech industry rivals Silicon Valley, offering every type of job for the technically inclined. Even with all these opportunities, the job search can still be difficult for non-Israeli job seekers and this new column will offer advice for those looking to navigate the market and build a career in Israel.
Steering through foreign cultural cues, following trends and identifying opportunities can be daunting so "Work in Progress" will explore various ways of how to get ahead in the job market.
All careers and job searches require some careful preparation, tenacity and a little advice. For job seekers everywhere here is a quick checklist of five things you must prepare for your job search.
CV or resume
A general list of employment history and education should be neat, clear and concise. Today, a single page is sufficient. Make sure to proofread it, a few times, then ask someone else to take a look.
Whether you include references on your CV or not, you should have up to date contact information for at least two past employers, co-workers or professors. It is important for them to know that you will be using them as a reference, so they can be prepared. Also, let them know you are looking for a job, they are a good start to your network.
According to most job search statistics most people find a job through people not job boards, so get the word out. Find a mentor, meet them for coffee. Go to career fairs, events and social functions, contact old friends, expand your network.
Elevator Pitch
It is important for you to know who you are, what value you will bring to your next job and what are your goals. Write all that down. Keep working on it until it's a precise two to four sentences about you, so if you meet your dream boss in an elevator you don't trip on your own tongue or stare at your feet.
Internet Profile
The internet is here to stay and you are on it. Search your name online. See what comes up. Whatever social networks you use should be a positive reflection of your experience, talents and knowledge, not detrimental to your career. Implement privacy settings. It's also important to be searchable; if you don't have a profile or you don't maintain your account, it is time to update.
This checklist must be tailored to any market as well as to the professional field. Cultural norms often dictate how job seekers approach the job search. It is important to understand customs in a new market and learn to overcome gaps. The market is full of possibilities given the right tools, information and some helpful hints.
Relocation Jobs provides comprehensive solutions for companies with international HR needs.