Work in Progress: Staying fresh

3 things all job seekers should be doing: Finding freelance positions, volunteer work, exercise.

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The job search can be a stressful time. To help cope with it, stay active and involved in your community in order to keep yourself in good mental and physical shape. A full schedule will boost a positive attitude and make you a more attractive candidate. Between sending out CVs, networking and going for interviews, here are some other activities every job seeker should make part of their search.
Whether your job search has left your bank account lonely or not, freelance positions can be a great way to alleviate money stress. Too often job seekers focus only on full time positions and don’t consider freelance and short term projects or part time work as alternatives.
These projects can be a great way to develop underused skills, explore new fields and keep old talents from getting rusty. Take on projects that capture your interest; the motivation and energy you bring will spread to other aspects of your job search. New work connections may even lead to a more permanent position.
Freelance work can be a bit tricky under Israeli law, so seek professional counsel regarding taxes and registration.
Keep skills fresh
Improve yourself through volunteer work or new studies. Giving back to the community and giving time to an important cause will bolster self-confidence and create a sense of purpose. Find volunteer work that utilizes your strengths.
With over 20,000 active volunteer organizations in Israel a quick Internet search will yield opportunities for every interest, in any field. Learn something new or fill in a knowledge gap that can push you ahead in your career by taking courses.
Classes can be a great way to meet new people, explore passions, expand horizons and add necessary skills to help advance a career. Job seekers in Israel may be entitled to free or discounted courses and vocational training through government offices such as the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry as well as through the Unemployment Office. Check online or contact a local branch for details.
It is important to look fit, healthy and well rested when arriving for interviews. Getting regular exercise is a vital part of any job search. While the options for exercise abound, even a brisk walk and some daily stretches can do the trick.
Sticking to the regimen will also promote focus and self-discipline in other areas of the job search. Of course, going to a yoga or spinning class, or finding a new gym buddy, could also be a great way to meet new people and expand your network.
Make sure to include your most recent activities on your CV and your social networking profiles. Showing potential employers that you have remained active and involved in the community will help you stand out from the crowd. It can also give you something to talk about when you arrive for an interview. With so much to do, the time will fly and you will be back to work before you know it.
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