Ashdod cracks down on building site breaches

The city of Ashdod has begun a crackdown on building contractors who have been breaching regulations at construction sites, issuing them with fines and even stopping them from continuing work until the problem is fixed, reports The contractors have been finding themselves in trouble for illegal dumping of building waste, failing to fence off construction sites, and failing to remove obstacles as required by law. According to the report, the city decided to come down hard on contractors after inspections in the Tet-Zayin area revealed numerous breaches of building regulations, some of which were creating environmental hazards. Fines were imposed on two contractors for failing to remove waste as required, and the city stopped work at several sites until rubble was removed and the sites were properly fenced off. A municipal spokesman said that while city inspectors were working to find offenders, the best sources of information were residents, and urged them to report environmental hazards. The spokesman said it was hoped that the campaign would show contractors that the city had "no intention of showing any tolerance" for such breaches.