Award for project that tracks patients

Haifa's Rambam Hospital, the Technion and the IBM computer company have won an international award for their collaboration on a project to develop a model for admitting patients to hospital and tracking their progress there, reports The three bodies were awarded the prize by the Service Research and Innovation Initiative (SRII), an international organization that aims to encourage cooperation and sharing of information between industry, academia and government. According to the report, students and staff at the Technion began working with staff at IBM and at Rambam Hospital more than two years ago on the project to collect, measure and track information about patients in the hospital, from the time of their admission through their entire stay. The project aims to improve the resources directed to patients, increase efficiency and reduce patient waiting times for medical services. The report said the SRII had decided to award the three bodies the prize "for the extremely successful cooperation between industry, academia and government, as expressed in this project." The SRII was established two years ago and is run by a board of managers from large companies and academic institutions, mostly based in the US.