Beaches in new wave of cleanliness

There has been a significant improvement in the levels of cleanliness and maintenance at most of Eilat's beaches, the Health Ministry has announced. Ministry inspectors, along with municipal and Tourism Ministry officials, examined the beaches in April and found that the city's recent campaign to clean up the beaches and improve their appearance was clearly bearing fruit, reports According to the report, the ministry found that garbage bins were now being emptied on time, piles of disposable plastic plates and cigarette butts were no longer being found scattered around, and the outdoor showers were being kept clean. New sand had been laid at some beaches, old sunshades had been replaced, and new toilets and showers had been built. The ministry also said that in general there were now sufficient sunshades and that the drinking water fountains were being maintained in a "reasonable" condition. "We welcome the investment made in the beaches by the city, which was done to raise the level of service for the comfort of residents and visitors," a ministry official said. The report said that along with its cleanliness campaign, the city had decided to increase its inspection and enforcement levels to ensure that the beaches remained clean, with weekly inspections to be conducted by environmental and tourism representatives. A fine of NIS 660 would be imposed on the operators of beaches found to be in an unsatisfactory condition.