Company fined NIS 1.5m. over odors

The Haifa Magistrates' Court has imposed a fine of NIS 1.5 million on the Frutarom company in the Haifa Bay over the unpleasant odors emitted by the factory, reports A judge ordered the company, which manufactures flavor and fragrance extracts and additives for the food and chemical industries, to pay the fine to a cleanliness preservation fund run by the Ministry for Environmental Protection. According to the report, the company was charged with breaching the conditions of its business license and with causing "a strong or unbearable smell that disturbs or is likely to disturb a person in the vicinity of the place or those passing by." Judge Orit Kantor said the company had admitted that it had caused the problem, and that this admission had enabled both sides to come to an agreement in the case, saving 34 witnesses from having to testify and saving a large amount of the court's time. She said her sentence was designed to acknowledge that the company's admission had saved the court's time, while at the same time recognizing the gravity of the offense and providing a deterrent. Judge Kantor ordered the company to pay the NIS 1.5 million fine in 10 equal installments starting from April, and said that if one installment was missed, the balance of the fine would immediately become payable.