Council in a hole over lack of payment

Is the crater in Mitzpe Ramon giving the local council ideas on how to conduct business? That's the question being asked after the council was taken to court - yet again - by a company which carried out work for it but then found that its requests for payment disappeared into a big hole in the ground, reports According to the report, the Anak Hamazganim air-conditioning company recently sued the council in the Beersheba Magistrate's Court for NIS 6,160, a sum that the council failed to pay for air conditioners installed in 2006. The council claimed it should not have to pay because the municipal treasurer had not authorized the work as legally required, but the court ruled in the company's favor and ordered the council to pay the sum in full, adding a further NIS 1,500 in legal costs. The air-conditioning case follows one last month in which the council was taken to court by a building company for failure to pay for plastering repairs done to the office of Mayor Flora Shoshan in October 2006. In that case, the court ordered the council to pay NIS 15,600 for the work, plus NIS 5,000 in legal costs.