Development planned for Dalia

A sub-committee of the Haifa District Planning and Construction Committee has approved the building of a large, low-rise residential development on seven dunams of land in Daliat al-Carmel, reports The new development, initiated by the Housing Ministry in conjunction with the municipality, will take up a considerable portion of the little open land remaining in the town. According to the report, the committee approved the plans to construct 32 residential units, each on 190 square meters of land, in the Dalia Hatzeira neighborhood. A municipal spokesman said the construction needed to be spread over a wide area because local bylaws dictated that no building be higher than three stories. Some 1.2 dunams in the project will be preserved as open public space. The report said that about 60 percent of the 4,000 homes in Daliat al-Carmel had been constructed without permits and were illegal, but the 200 homes in Dalia Hatzeira had all been built legally. It emphasized that the town was rapidly running out of available land that could be used for housing.