Huge transport spending planned for Haifa

Some NIS 2 billion will be spent on infrastructure and transport projects in Haifa and surrounding areas over the next three years, reports Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, Mayor Yona Yahav, and officials from the Transportation Ministry, Treasury and city approved the massive sum in a meeting at Yahav's office recently. According to the report, the officials agreed to fund a number of major projects over the next three years, including the Metronit light rail line to Kiryat Haim and to Kiryat Yam, connecting roads to the Carmel Tunnels, a cable car from the Haifa Bay to the University of Haifa and the Technion, and several other road projects. Mofaz said the Haifa Airport would also be moved to Megiddo and would become an international airport, and the new port of Haifa, currently under construction, would be the biggest port in Israel. The minister said Haifa was receiving the "massive and significant" funding because of its "efficient and professional" cooperation with his ministry.