Seaweed proves to be more than food for thought

And you thought the only thing you could do with seaweed was make sushi. Beersheba's Ben-Gurion University has signed a multi-million-dollar deal with an American bio-fuel company to work on developing recyclable fuels and other products made of nothing other than seaweed, reports The university's biotechnology laboratory, based in Sde Boker, will focus on developing seaweed products for commercial purposes after signing the long-term deal with the California-based Primafuel company. According to the report, the university's biotechnology laboratory has been researching seaweed for more than three decades, and is headed by Professor Sammy Boussiba, a world-renowned researcher in the field. Boussiba said that seaweed research had been considered marginal in the past, but "at last, the world is waking up to the huge potential hidden in it." The report said that Primafuel has won worldwide recognition for its pioneering work in biotechnology, and that it won the 2008 Biofuels Digest achievement award. Boussiba said the agreement with the company would give the laboratory an "extraordinary opportunity" to develop seaweed products for commercial purposes.