Tel Aviv wins Education Ministry prize for achievement

Among the criteria measured by the Ministry are the effectiveness of programs to cut down the drop-out rate and provide for special-needs groups.

The city of Tel Aviv has won the Education Ministry's prize for the best education achievements nationwide for its performance in the last school year, reports Education Minister Yuli Tamir informed Mayor Ron Huldai that his city had won the prize for the 2007-2008 school year over the weekend, and the prize will be awarded at an official ceremony in Jerusalem. According to the report, the ministry has awarded the prize for the past six years to the local authority that marks the greatest achievements in its education system over one school year. It uses a number of criteria to measure these achievements, including the personal involvement of the mayor and municipal education officials in the education system and the effectiveness of the city's programs to reduce gaps, cut down the drop-out rate, rehabilitate endangered youth, reduce violence and provide for special-needs groups such as immigrants, the disabled and outstanding students. It also measures the city's investment in infrastructure at educational and cultural institutions, and its cultural and leisure activities for youth. A municipal spokesman said the city was very satisfied with its win, and that it had made great efforts to provide for every student in the city's diverse population. The spokesman said the city tried to provide all students with tools that would accompany them into adult life and provide an "entry ticket" to the worlds of academia, work and creative pursuits.