Lupolianski congratulates Barkat on Jerusalem mayoral win

Incumbent Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski on Wednesday spoke to mayor-elect Nir Barkat and congratulated him on his victory in the mayoral elections, the Municipality said. "I thank you for your fair and dignified comportment during the campaign," Lupoliansky told Barkat. "Yesterday, the residents of Jerusalem had their say. You are being entrusted with a precious diamond, and I know that you will do the utmost in order to continue to develop the city for the benefit of all its residents, and continue to maintain the delicate tissue of life in Jerusalem and the coexistence between its different groups." The mayor said that the transition with Barkat would be thorough and organized. "I am turning over to you the scepter of managing the holy city and the capital of the Jewish people," he said and offered his assistance at any time. "I am not leaving the city," he said.