LUZ Control

UGANDA Friday, 1 p.m. What could be more delightful than sitting and listening to the sound of music that soothes the spirit by folksinger and composer Noa Babayof, who has taken a break from her busy life in the US to make a single appearance in Jerusalem? Babayof will perform songs from her CD, along with new material. Rehov Aristobolus 4. Info: 623-6087. BASS Friday 10 p.m. An Acid Test Party with special guest Andy Votel (FindersKeepers/Twisted Nerve, UK), along with locals Radio Trip and Markey Funk and visuals by PlanktON. Funk and Radio Trip host one of the most important record collectors in the world. Votel, a musician, producer and owner of two labels, has dedicated himself to ferreting out psychedelic, folk and funk gems from around the world. You'll feel like you've walked into a scene from a Sixties movie as you experience surprising combinations of effects, rhythm and sound. Entrance NIS 30. Rehov Hahistadrut 1 CAMPUS Friday, 11:45 p.m., 23+ Shir Ben-Shitreet is celebrating her birthday. Talented resident DJ Ben-Shitreet (no relation to Shir) will bombard you with great tracks of house and dance music. If that's too frenetic for you, try the small hall with DJ Ikko Ben-Shushan and his Eighties, dance and Israeli music. Entrance: NIS 30-50. Rehov Ha'oman 30, Talpiot. Info: 648-3888. STARDUST Saturday, 10:30 p.m. Brushing off the dust, DJ Hilke Dot comes to us from Ra'anana, breathing new life into Stardust with his new line of Night of Electro Heaven. Hilke recently left the world of hi-tech, shifting gears and careers. His expertise is electro, Eighties, Nineties and Britney. Rehov Rivlin 6. Info: 622-2196 CONSTANTINE Monday, 11:30 p.m. A special surprise tonight. It's a Black-Out Party! At midnight, the music will keep on playing but the lights will go out. So as not to keep you in the dark, you'll be given glow sticks before the black-out. Entrance is only NIS 20, including a free shot until midnight. Special prices all night: Beer NIS 15; shots NIS 5. Rehov Hahistadrut 3. Info: 622-1155 JABOTINSKY BAR, Wednesday, 11 p.m., 24+ Any day of the week you can sit at the bar, enjoying the food and alcohol, with pleasant classics playing in the background. But on Wednesdays - that's party night. That's the time to let your hair down, gather round the bar and celebrate like only students can - like there's no tomorrow. With Tel Aviv DJ Eran Shmiel. Rehov Ben-Shetah 1. MEGA DANCE BAR 17 Thursday, 10 p.m., 24+ Assaf Goren, Hillel Farkash and Shlomi Banjo are organizing an unforgettable evening - a grand and especially lavish funky party with special props for which 1,500 old records were purchased. DJ Mickey Ben-Naim will preside over the music with a set solo that will guide you expertly through the scintillating Seventies and Eighties. Advance tickets: NIS 40. Rehov Ha'oman 17, Talpiot. Info: 678-1658