Sources of population growth

At the end of 2008, Jerusalem had an estimated population of 760,800 residents - an increase of 13,200 during 2008. Where did these new residents come from? Some 20,800 living births and 4,600 deaths were recorded in Jerusalem in 2008, thus the birth-death rate balance accounted for an increase of 16,200 residents. This index, known as the Natural Increase, is the main source of Israel's population increase in general and in Jerusalem in particular in the last years. In 2008, some 2,100 new olim settled in Jerusalem, 675 from the US, in addition to 13,600 people who moved here from other parts of the country. However, since Jerusalem also saw 18,500 residents leave the city that year, 50% of whom moved to Jerusalem's metropolitan area, the final migration balance was negative, totaling a loss of 4,900 residents. Other factors contributing to Jerusalem's increase in population include international migration and family reunification. Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics