This Week In Jerusalem

Peggy Cidor's round-up of city affairs

castel museum art  58 (photo credit: Matt Zalen)
castel museum art 58
(photo credit: Matt Zalen)
Urban scrawl
Urbanica, the summer outdoor art event, is back. As of this week Rehov Shoshan, a usually rather dingy and neglected little street near Kikar Safra, will turn into an open space gallery, displaying pieces depicting urban art. A group of artists – painters, sculptors and multimedia creators – have answered the call from the municipal arts department to participate in the project. The event includes art, beer and live music.
On thin ice
Is city council member Elisha Peleg on his way to the opposition? Notso fast. Peleg, a very active member of the tender committee in themunicipality, refused to approve a business proposal from two companiesthat offered advertising, marketing and PR, claiming that both had beenemployed by Mayor Nir Barkat’s party during his election campaign. As aresult, at the last council meeting the mayor announced that he wasconsidering relieving Peleg of his portfolios.
A veteran in local politics and an attorney, Peleg said it was illegalto do so unless he was fired from the coalition first. So far, all’swell that ends well: Peleg is still in the coalition (until the nextincident, he promised), and calm has been restored to city councilmeetings.
Be our guests
Creators at Mishkenot, a project aimed to host celebrated artists andcreative personalities from abroad, starts this week with five invitedguests. On Monday, an exhibition of photographs by Shelley Jordan willbe launched by Jerusalem Foundation (to which Mishkenot belongs)president Ruth Cheshin and Mayor Nir Barkat.
The guests will stay for a month at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, learn aboutJerusalem and its people, as well as give lectures, workshops andperformances and meet with the public. The five honored invitees arephotographer Shelley Jordon, dancer Reggie Wilson, urban planner JoshuaSirefman and husband-and-wife novelists Jonathan Safran Foer and NicoleKrauss.
Guardian of the City
At the same city council meeting, at least one proposal receivedgeneral approval. To mark the 18th anniversary of the Bible LandsMuseum and to pay homage to its founder Batya Borowski on her 80thbirthday, the city conferred upon her the honor of Guardian of theCity, a title that is not bestowed very often. Barkat announced thedecision at the special gala dinner held in the museum’s gardensearlier this week.
New rule for Old City
As of next week, entrance to the Old City will be prohibited to carsfrom 9 a.m to 6 p.m. daily, except for residents and commercialvehicles. Following a decision by the municipality and the police, thenew rule is designed to preserve the special character of the Old Cityand to stem the traffic jams on the narrow streets.
Visitors are invited to park – at low prices – in one of the nearbyparking facilities (the train station, Mamilla or Karta) or to use busNo. 38. The 38 bus will now be offering a reduced fare.