Apartment owner gets view of victory

One up for the little person... a Herzliya resident has succeeded in stopping a builder from constructing a six-story apartment building opposite his own building, reports www.mynet.co.il. The resident, who bought his fourth-floor apartment in 1993, was able to prove that at the time he bought his apartment buyers were promised that nothing higher than another four-story building would go up in the empty lot opposite their building, which, because of the slope of the land, would leave him an unobstructed view from his living room window. According to the report, the resident was shocked to discover about a year ago that a builder had lodged plans to construct a six-story apartment building in the empty lot. He hired a lawyer and objected to the Local Planning and Construction Committee, saying that the planned building contravened previous promises, would block his views and air flow, and would lower the value of his apartment, currently valued at NIS 300,000. The report said the committee accepted the resident's arguments, saying that a six-story building was "not in accordance with building instructions" and did not meet previous commitments, as well as being out of character for the area. The committee did allow the construction of a four-story building on the site.