Big Brother is watching... at school

When Herzliya's children return to school this September, they could be forgiven for thinking they're taking part in a new television reality series, reports The city, with the blessing of the Municipal Parents' Committee, is currently installing security cameras in all of Herzliya's school yards, with the aim of detecting wrongdoers involved in incidents of vandalism or violence. According to the report, the city decided to spend NIS 1.5 million to install cameras in school yards as part of a wider project in which it plans to place security cameras around the city, including in the city center, the park and the industrial zone. The report said it should be noted that the cameras would be placed only in the yards of schools and not inside buildings or classrooms. A Parents' Committee spokesman said the cameras would help prevent "vandalism and inappropriate activities" on school grounds, especially by detecting "problematic sources" who were not part of the usual school community. The spokesman said students, parents and teachers would know in advance where the cameras were placed, and the cameras themselves would be marked by signs. The spokesman said strict care would be taken not to use the cameras against students on "personal and private matters."