Building plans lodged for historic street

The District Planning and Construction Committee has lodged plans for the construction of a four-story residential building on Tel Aviv's iconic Rehov Bialik, reports The plans provide for the historic facade of the building on the corner of Bialik and Tchernichovsky streets to be preserved while new stories are added above and behind it. Rehov Bialik is one of the most historic streets in Tel Aviv, housing the old City Hall building and Beit Bialik, the home of the late national poet. According to the report, the plans for the corner building, set on a 600-square-meter block of land, provide architectural instructions aimed at preserving the "special character" of the street. The plans state that the commercial facade of the building is to be preserved while a four-story residential building containing not more than 32 apartments is to be constructed above and behind it. The plans provide for underground parking and stipulate the minimum size of each apartment and the size and style of balconies. The report said that while the building was designed to be residential, the plans would allow it to be used as a hotel.