Country club ordered to fix pool health hazards

The Health Ministry has ordered the privately owned Ramat Hasharon Country Club to correct a number of health hazards at its three swimming pools within the next three months, reports The ministry's inspectors found that in all three pools there was no proper daily check of water flow, and that in two of the pools - the large roofed pool and the main outdoor pool - the chlorine-testing equipment was not working properly and the water-quality control system was in the wrong place, placed in front of the filter instead of behind it as required. According to the report, the inspectors found that the roofed swimming pool was particularly problematic, with an "accumulation" of algae on its floor and ledges, with inadequate chlorine in the water and with insufficient filling material between the tiles. A club spokesman responded that the roofed pool's faults had already been fixed, and that all the other faults would be rectified before the beginning of the swimming season.