Herzliya warned on sea pollution

The Ministry for Environmental Protection has issued a fine and a warning to the city of Herzliya after ministry tests found large quantities of raw sewage in the water at the beach north of the marina, reports www.local.co.il. The sewage entered the water from the sewerage system drains at the end of beach. According to the report, ministry inspectors tested the water early on Sunday and detected "large quantities of raw sewage," and re-tested the water in the afternoon. When sewage was still found, the ministry sent a sharply worded letter to the city, saying that allowing raw sewage to flow into the sea constituted pollution and was a breach of the law, and that the city had to take immediate action to stop the pollution. The letter warned that if this was not done, the ministry would take legal action against the city. The report said the maximum penalty that can be imposed for breaching the water laws is one year in prison or a fine of NIS 350,000, and for breaching cleanliness laws is one year in prison or a fine of NIS 202,000. A Herzliya municipal spokesman responded that the ministry was "mistaken and misled," saying that the city did not allow sewage to flow into the sea and that the problem emanated from Tel Aviv, from where the water, and consequently any pollution, flowed northwards. The spokesman said the city would do everything possible to prove the ministry's mistake.