New luxury neighborhood in Hod Hasharon approved

The District Planning and Construction Committee has approved plans for the construction of the last neighborhood of private houses (cottages) in Hod Hasharon, reports The plans provide for the construction of some 100 houses on 40 dunams of land in the upmarket Ramat Hadar area, where a block of land currently costs about $350,000. According to the report, with Hod Hasharon moving toward denser housing, the luxurious new enclave will be the last neighborhood of private houses permitted in the city. Each house will be built on a block of 300 square meters. The committee approved the plans despite the objections of veteran residents of the area, who oppose the planned widening of tranquil Rehov Haeshel through the requisitioning of land from existing houses. The report said no contractor or entrepreneur had yet been chosen to construct the new neighborhood, but the city was hopeful that this would occur quickly and that work could begin at the start of next year.