Plans approved for apartments at Assuta

The Tel Aviv District Planning and Construction Committee has approved the building of a 162-apartment residential complex or a large public building on the grounds of the Assuta Hospital in central Tel Aviv, reports The committee approved altered plans for the 8.5-dunam site after hundreds of local residents and public bodies objected to the original plans. According to the report, the original plans called for some 19,500 square meters of construction in a 38-story residential tower and a public building of some 1,000 square meters. But after residents and public bodies objected, the city engineer recommended that the number of stories in the tower be reduced to 25 and the amount of construction be reduced to 15,000 square meters. The Local Planning and Construction Committee then recommended further changes, including reducing the tower to 20 stories and relocating it to the south-west corner of the site, adjacent to an existing public garden. The report said the District Committee has now approved the construction of 162 residential units covering some 13,500 square meters, or a public building twice as large as the existing hospital. Three historic buildings on the site are to be preserved.