Residents take note of doggie-do

Tel Aviv residents have long suffered from the thoughtlessness of pet owners who allow their dogs to leave "souvenirs" on the sidewalks and fail to clean them up, reports But now at least one, and possibly more, residents have decided to take note of the obstacles - literally. According to the report, residents in central Tel Aviv have been amused recently to find handwritten notes left beside dog droppings, stating, "Dog owner, please choke on the feces you have left on the sidewalk," and signed "A concerned citizen." City councilor Tami Zandberg, who came across one of the notes as she walked toward Rabin Square last week, said they were a novel form of protest. "In this area, as in other places around the center of the city, there are many dog droppings that are not collected by their owners (even though they are required to do so by law), but it looks as though this time this has really made someone angry," Zandberg said.