Tattooing course points the way

Eight students from around the country are currently learning the fine art of "needlepoint" as they undergo Israel's only course in tattooing in Ra'anana, reports The course, which involves some six months of weekly lessons and will end with the presentation of certificates to successful students, will see them learning how to tattoo correctly and how to maintain hygiene, using themselves and volunteers as guinea pigs. According to the report, with growing demand for tattoos in recent years, it should be no surprise that a course has been launched in how to tattoo professionally. The course covers human anatomy, hygiene, tattooing techniques and color chemistry, as well as marketing, insurance and business management. A spokeswoman said that before students were allowed to begin tattooing human skin, they first had to master tattooing on leather, and that teachers worked closely with the students to ensure there would be no problems. The report said the advantage for volunteers was that they could receive a large, colorful tattoo worth thousands of shekels for the minimal fee of NIS 100.