Tel Aviv to be virtually packed with visitors

The World Zionist Organization has launched a project to enable Jewish students from around the globe to tour Tel Aviv during the city's 100th birthday celebrations this year, reports But no one is spending any fortune buying up airplane tickets or booking hotel rooms - this tour is virtual only. According to the report, the organization has launched an interactive educational game called "TLV100" that takes students to numerous "stations" around Tel Aviv, including the Yarkon Park, Kikar Dizengoff, Kikar Rabin, the Carmel market, the Jaffa port, Beit Bialik, the Nahalat Binyamin arts and crafts market, the beach, museums and other sites. At every station, participants will be given information on local history and culture, and they will be able to take part in activities such as playing matkot on the beach, hunting for bargains at the Carmel market and shopping at the Azrieli Center. At the end of the "tour" the students will take part in a competitive mission that tests their newly acquired knowledge. The report said the games would be sent to hundreds of WZO and Jewish Agency offices around the world, with the aim of distributing them to Jewish schools and reaching hundreds of thousands of students.