Work safety program launched in Ra'anana

The city of Ra'anana has been chosen to pilot a national program aimed at increasing health and safety in the workplace through local authorities, reports The "Keren Manof" program, run by the National Insurance Institute (Hamosad Lebituah Leumi), uses local authorities to guide local businesses on how to reduce workplace accidents and to increase awareness of potential health and safety risks among both employers and employees. According to the report, Mayor Nahum Hofree wrote to local businesses recently to announce that the National Insurance Institute had chosen Ra'anana to pilot the national program, and that representatives would soon be in touch with each business to discuss details. The report said the Keren Manof program aims to increase health and safety in the workplace by providing specific instructions to employers and employees, distributing informational material, placing appropriate signs at workplaces, and designating at least one employee in a workplace to act as a safety officer. The program also follows up whether recommendations are implemented. Hofree said it was the city's responsibility to act to improve the safety of workers in the city's industrial area, and urged all local businesses to join the program. "Together, we can build professional cooperation and a communal infrastructure to prevent accidents and injuries... for the benefit of everyone," he said.