Back to routine: After the holidays it is time to relax and refresh

L’Oréal Paris introduces a line of professional makeup brushes designed for achieving pro results.

Shoppers buy Israeli food products at a Ramallah supermarket in 2003 (photo credit: ABBAS MOMANI / AFP)
Shoppers buy Israeli food products at a Ramallah supermarket in 2003
(photo credit: ABBAS MOMANI / AFP)
Clinique has launched a new seven-day system with pure vitamin C, promising to “recapture younger-looking skin.” Consisting of seven single-use packets of Renewing Powder Cleanser and a seven-day Daily Booster, this two-step system contains pure Vitamin C, one of the most powerful de-aging vitamins, according to the company’s experts. We tried and it is true that from the first application you can notice brighter, more radiant skin.
With continued use, the promise is for de-aging results: firmer skin, more even-toned, with visibly diminished lines and wrinkles and a radiant, youthful glow. Since the pure vitamin naturally degrades when exposed to oxygen, the separate isolated packaging preserves the potency of the vitamin C for maximum results. NIS 119 for the seven-day system.
Medical Nova has launched a disposable cloth mask for soothing, hydrating and refreshing face, neck and décolleté for all skin types. The mask, say the company’s experts, is sometimes indicated after aesthetic treatments. Each package contains three parts – for the upper part of the face, lower part and neck. Thanks to the Hydrogel technology, ingredients are released in the skin through osmosis while refreshing the treated area.
The active ingredients in the mask include hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and bisabolol (the active ingredient in chamomile). The result – visibly refreshed and glowing skin. NIS 120 available at
L’Oréal Paris has launched a collection of shimmers and highlighters that will keep you glowing throughout the winter. The collection includes a palette of four iridescent powder highlighters that blend effortlessly together for all-over illumination or to highlight key areas, and a True Match Illuminating Liquid that can be blended with a foundation for an all-over glowing face, or used to highlight and enhance parts of the face.
The liquid comes in two light-enhancing shades – golden glow, which enhances the overall complexion with finish, perfect for medium to dark skin tones, or a pearlescent icy glow for a subtle highlight, perfect for light to medium skin tones. Use together or separately for an everyday sexy glowing look. Apply the powder highlighter to high points of your face to accentuate your features. Enhance cheekbones, brighten the eye area, sculpt your nose and plump your pout. Try it – it’s fun.
Launching price NIS 65 for the Liquid Shimmer and NIS 55 for the palette.
L’Oréal Paris introduces a line of professional makeup brushes designed for achieving pro results. Much like painters, makeup artists have a vast collection of brushes for different needs. Good brushes used to be very expensive, so at home most women used one brush for all. But true makeup enthusiasts never settled for fewer than three. The new collection includes six different synthetic brushes for a pro-like finish. NIS 20 to NIS 40 each. 
In line with the strobing trend, Maybelline has introduced its Master Strobing stick, a compact, easy-to-use, highlighting stick in three shades for better matching – light pink, medium gold and deep gold. The cream stick helps illuminate the face with quick light touches on clean skin or over makeup. Keep it in your purse – you never know when you’ll need to shine! NIS 35.
The Dermocosmetic brand Vichy has launched a new day lotion in its new line called “Slow Age.” The line of products is designed to correct aging signs such as fine lines, dark spots and loss of plumpness. The new lotion contains three active ingredients, as well as SPF25, promising immediate results that improve with time. Containing baicalin root, an antioxidant used in Chinese traditional medicine, bifidus probiotic and the natural Vichy thermal water, the company says that the skincare range was clinically proven to slow down appearance of aging signs, claiming it is their “most powerful probiotic skincare range with SPF.” It feels great. NIS 169 for 50ml. 
Photographed by Steven Meisel, Coach’s men’s fragrance campaign stars actor and artist James Franco. Leaning against a vintage Plymouth Valiant with the New York City skyline in the background, Franco, says Coach, captures the tension between past and present while exuding a timeless sense of cool. The smoky, midnight-blue bottle again refers to Coach’s iconic codes, but most important are the notes – top green nashi, bergamot and kumquat, spicy heart with notes of cardamom, coriander and geranium and a base with the manly vetiver, suede and ambergris. 
NIS 299 for 1,000ml. 
Many Israelis can’t take their morning coffee without them and they are a regular feature in many boardroom meetings, as well as kid’s parties. Argaliot, the popular filled cookies by Osem, now have a new maple filling and they are quickly becoming the new favorite flavor. Try them at your next office party
Catering for the growing demand, a new company, Vganz has developed a vegan pastrami, which will be marketed abroad as well as in Israel, under the international brand Violife. Developed both in Israel and in Greece, the pastrami-like flavor is achieved without flavor enhancers such as monosodium glutamate, commonly used in cold cuts. Made from coconut oil, the product does not include lactose, soy, casein, trans-fats, gluten, palm oil or preservatives, and is enriched with B12. NIS 21.90 to NIS 24.90 for 200 gr. Kosher parve.
Also from Veganz – the perfect match for your vegan pastrami is the company’s low-fat vegan mayonnaise – the Vionnaise. It is without cholesterol, tasty and perfect as a spread and can also be used for dressings and salads. NIS 25 to NIS 28 for 420 gr.
Kosher parve.
Good news for baking enthusiasts – Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips are now available in Israel. Made from 40% cocoa solids, they can be found in most supermarkets and private shops. 
NIS 19.90.
Shopping online for food is not new. In fact, I have been shopping for groceries online for the past few years. The only problem is – sometimes, especially when shopping for health food – it can be much more expensive.
The new Hamezaveh (The Pantry) online shop offers health food for competitive prices – and it delivers. The shop offers a wide range of dry foods – from nuts to flours, sugar-free and gluten-free goods and many unique items. Moran Raskin, a former hi-tech person known to her many followers from her blog, is behind the initiative. She says that as a working mom she always found shopping for her family a tedious task – so she opened the online store, and we say – give her a try.