A nice cup of tea, a hearty bean stew and quick relief for sore throat and chapped lips – winter is here, and we have just what you need.

Shopping cart (Illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Shopping cart (Illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
A golden cup
In time for the cold weather, Pompadour (Teekanne) offers its Golden Line of quality black tea in three new flavors – Classic 1882, Earl Grey and Classic with lemon. The teas are made from carefully selected leaves that are processed in Teekanne’s laboratories in Germany. Kosher.
NIS 12.90 to NIS 14.90.
Lip relief
Relief for chapped lips is offered by French dermo-cosmetic brand La Roche-Posay in time for the cold weather, adding a new lip balm to its excellent Cicaplast line. The new Barrier repairing lip balm for adults and children contains MP lipids which help restore and protect lips, immediately reducing irritation and protecting from further damage, while helping chapped lips recover and heal. A must if you suffer from the cold outdoors, the dry indoor heat or if you’re planning a ski trip.
NIS 45. Available at private pharmacies, Maccabi, Meuhedet and Leumit pharmacies and online.
Speedy recovery
Lapidot Medical introduces a spray for the relief of sore throat. Speed Garon, made in France by Vitrobio, treats sore throat and throat infections. Containing glycerol, honey and herbal essences, it clears the surface of the sprayed area of bacterial infections and relieves the pain instantly. The product is safe for children and pregnant women.
NIS 54.90. Available at Clalit pharmacies and other pharmacies.
It is strongly recommended to consult your doctor or pharmacist before using.
Swift salads and stews
Winter is the time for hearty legume dishes. But sometimes having to soak the dry legumes in advance means we may opt for simpler recipes. Culinary brand Master Chef comes to the rescue with a line of precooked canned legumes imported from Italy that make preparation so much easier.
The products in the line are green lentils, large white beans, Italian red beans and chickpeas, enhanced with Italian flavors.
They can be used straight from the can, added to soups, salads, stews and spreads. Made from natural ingredients and no preservatives, these are products I will definitely keep in my pantry. Kosher, parve.
NIS 6.90.
Reduce ‘laugh’ lines
American premium dermo-cosmetic company Dermalogica has launched a lip treatment cream that revives dry lips, smooths sensitive skin and prevents the appearance of fine lines around the lips, firming the area while you sleep.
The skin around the lips is especially thin and needs extra care. The cream works during the night, using hyaluronic acid, apple and glycerin, as well as a new formula called Hydroxymethoxyphenyl, which plumps the lip tissue and reduces the fine lines. The formula also includes a herbal complex used in Indian medicine and sesame seed essence. Apply after cleansing the face before going to bed.
NIS 312. Available at licensed beauty centers. Call 073-210- 2030 or go to
And while you’re sleeping....
Estée Lauder’s new Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix with the 360° Matrix Technology also works while you sleep. The company’s experts assert that the cream will dramatically reduce the major signs of aging, such as fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. The applicator helps massage the cream into the area morning and night, providing 24-hour hydration to the fine skin around the eyes. The results are an immediate improvement in the way you feel, and noticeably younger- looking eyes after four weeks.
NIS 300. Available at Estée Lauder points of sale, at pharmacies or online at
In synergy
Local dermo-cosmetic company GIGI Promedic introduces the Retin A line of products, which contain an advanced combination of active acids – retinol, pyruvic acid and ferulic acid, as well as Resveratrol – that work together to greatly improve the skin’s functioning and appearance. Based on dermatological research, the Retin A line marks a highly advanced stage in cosmetic treatments.
The formulas promote the rejuvenation process within the skin cells while protecting the skin with antioxidants, to produce smoother, suppler skin. The line includes cleansing foam (NIS 189), night toner (NIS 389), night cream (NIS 389) and a brightening serum (NIS 419). Suitable for all types of skin.
Available only at GIGI beauticians.
A perfect match
In contrast to the shiny trend in makeup, Maybelline has added a different line to its Fit Me! collection sold in Israel. Matte and Poreless is a matte finish foundation that smooths the skin and covers pores. The foundation, which blends easily with the skin, is ideal for people with normal to oily skin. It comes in eight shades and completes the Fit Me! line, which includes the Fit Me Luminous for normal to dry skin.
Special introductory price NIS 50.
A musk-have
The Body Shop has launched a new perfume in its Glorious Day line. The scent includes musk, vanilla, white flowers and amber. Clean and romantic, the fragrance is ideal for young women.
Some of the other products in the Glorious Day line are body cream, hand and foot creams, refreshing body spray and bath gel.
NIS 169.90.
A royal scent
French perfume house Marina de Bourbon has launched a scent for the New Year. Royal Marina Diamond is a fragrance the company describes as “fit for royals.” The opening note reveals a world of fruity scents such as red grapefruit and assai. In the heart are floral scents such as jasmine, as well as tonka bean and hints of white iris, while the sensual base is warm with vanilla and musk. The perfume bottle is very pretty, adorned with cut glass and a crown-like stopper.
NIS 99 for 50 ml. NIS 149 for 100 ml.