Fall for autumn 2017: A look at fall trends

Radiohead members sloughed off criticism and outcries and made their way back to perform in Tel Aviv.

Fall 2017 fashion. (photo credit: OLIVIA VON HALLE)
Fall 2017 fashion.
(photo credit: OLIVIA VON HALLE)
 Though it may not yet feel like it, the summer is over. Aside from a major sigh of relief that we may be able to turn off our air conditioners and unearth our light jackets, the fall brings with it a gust of new fashion. The tones for 2018 will be laid out in the coming months and, from the looks of it, next year is going to be lush, comfortable and nostalgic. Here are a few trends we have spotted on the up-and-up on runways in Israel and abroad of late.


While brands like Adidas and Nike have been with us for decades, they have won a new place in high fashion in recent months, leaving a stamp of active-wear on evening and highbrow glam. Not only do we no longer need to make excuses for slipping out of the house in our gym gear, we can now be proud to do it. In addition, icon - ic athletic elements like bold side-piping on trousers and oversized hoodies have started to pop up all over the runway.

Pajama Glamour

Staying in line with the “comfort is key” philosophy, pajamas have also become eligi - ble to be worn about town this season. In Israe - li brand Renuar’s most recent runway presen - tation, model after model strutted her stuff in head-to-toe silk. Retail giants like Zara and Pull & Bear are easily falling in step with this trend, offering matching silk pant suits and robe tops in flowing paisleys.

Post Grunge

This year, Radiohead fans around the world celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of the band’s seminal album OK Computer. Radiohead members sloughed off criticism and outcries and made their way back to perform in Tel Aviv. Looking around the crowd, it appeared that not only had the music stood the test of time but also the post-grunge fashion trends. Following the ripped jeans and flannel shirts of the Nirvana era, post-grunge music and ensuing fashion hit the US and Europe like a ton of bricks. The tethered edges of Smells Like Teen Spirit were traded for leather, studs and overall a sleeker, sharper and tougher attitude. This season, we expect to see a lot of this influence flooding our stores and closets.

Chapeau Posh

Everywhere we turn, we see berets! Once a cliché relic of French tourism, these sweet little hats are making their way from the gift shop to the boutique this winter. While not the most functional hat in terms of keeping your head warm, berets perk up even the simplest outfit with a bit of humor and a bunch of sass. And, if we’re honest, how many excuses do you really need to wear felt?

Cape Town

Luckily for denizens of Israel, the winter is anything but harsh. This means, where many are limited to wearing fall trends until the snowy days arrive, we can rock our autumn apparel right through the spring. If you never really need to zip up your jacket, you might as well not have a zipper and that means cape. Capes are fabulous, glamorous and very on trend this season. Castro has a very cute cape this season and it even comes with its own matching pant suit.

J’adore Forever

No matter where we look, we see Dior. That is because the iconic French brand is currently celebrating the 70th anniversary of Christian Dior’s first runway show. Known by fashion historians as the “New Look” collection, Dior’s 1947 presentation with 90 different looks set a new tone for apparel, one that we are continuing to appraise and adopt today. This season specifically, many designers have taken a plunge back in time to pay homage to the inimitable Dior legacy. We will be seeing a lot of tapered jackets, sleek overcoats and full chiffon skirts.