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A man looks at a newspaper in Tehran R 390 (photo credit: Raheb Homavandi/Reuters)
A man looks at a newspaper in Tehran R 390
(photo credit: Raheb Homavandi/Reuters)
Israel against the world’s will Al-Quds, Jerusalem, October 4
With all due respect to US Vice President Joe Biden, who’s known for his complete support of Israel’s immoral and international illegal policies, we want to discuss his statement that if Israel wasn’t created, he would have worked to create it. For clarification, Israel wasn’t established before 1948, and the US was the first country to impose it on the whole world. The West acknowledged the new state without giving the Palestinians the right to live in their lands and that of their grandfathers. Britain abstained from voting after it left Palestine as prey for occupiers, out of fear of the Arabs, but eventually it did support Israel.
Today, we see that the Iranian nuclear issue is a bigger priority than the Palestinian cause, as if Iran would hit Israel with a nuclear weapon. Nevertheless, most of the problems in the region are caused by the lack of a solution to the Palestinian issue.
Israel now has a chance for peace and to join the 138 countries for a Palestinian state at the UN General Assembly.
Israeli nuclear power is for use as well Al-Safir, Beirut, October 8
Forty years have passed since the October War [the Yom Kippur War]. While it is barely remembered here, it is firmly embedded in the Israeli psyche. For Arabs, the October War was a victory and led to a restoration of Arab dignity, which was damaged in the 1967 Six Day War and other wars. But for Israelis, it was the end of illusions. Despite the Israeli stance toward events in the Arab region, the fear for Israel’s existence goes back to that incident. As the gap between Israel and Arab countries continues to expand, the debate of the lessons learned from that war is growing. Some want to prove that there’s a limit to Israeli power, while others want to exercise caution constantly to prevent a surprise such as the one in 1973. An Israeli commentator wants to use the war to learn about Israel in the present, not the past. During the first days of the war, the militant leaders felt that the Jewish state was falling, demanding the right to use nuclear power.
The claim that democracy provides a safe use of nuclear power is wrong.
Israel scolded Germany for helping Egypt Al-Misryoon, Cairo, October 4
Israeli documents revealed the Jewish state led a secret diplomatic intervention to prevent Egypt from developing its military rockets under German supervision in the 1960s. The Israeli paper Haaretz said Israel strengthened its relations with West Germany. Then-defense minister Shimon Peres convinced West Germany’s defense minister Franz Josef Strauss not to allow German scientists to help develop Egypt’s militant abilities. The story began in July 1962, when Egypt successfully launched rockets. During an Egyptian military parade on July 23 of that year, Tel Aviv took notice that Egypt possessed improved rockets. After Israel suspected a use of radioactive substances, it started investigating the incident as well as the scientists, by collecting intelligence information. Aside from diplomacy, some of the scientists disappeared; others received direct threats, while Mossad agents in Switzerland arrested two of them.
Why negotiate? Dar Al-Khaleej, Sharjah, October 7
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has determined his vision for the peace process. He said there would be no progress in negotiations if the Palestinians do not acknowledge the Zionist entity as a Jewish state. This is another way of saying that there are no rights for the Palestinians in Palestine. Instead of saying, “We reject the right of return,” Netanyahu wants the Palestinians to agree on this by approving a package of Israeli demands. The acknowledgment of Israel as a Jewish state cancels the right of return and threatens the Palestinian Arabic existence there. Jerusalem will be off the table as it will become part of Israel, and all Palestinian existence will become temporary. UN resolutions will subsequently fail. Since the Nakba [War of Independence], the Zionists want to claim Palestinian property and present the victim as the aggressor. We should be aware of the dangers of this acknowledgment, since it has serious consequences.