Hot off the Arab press

What citizens of other countries are reading about the Middle East the week of October 25, 2013.

Palestinian youths slinging rocks 521 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Palestinian youths slinging rocks 521
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Israel ignores everything for settlements Al-Quds, Jerusalem, October 19
Israeli newspapers were very excited to publish the news about the American professors who won Nobel Prizes in chemistry this year. One of the teachers studied and lived in Israel for a while, but left for the US. The second visited Israel, and the third expressed his desire to visit the Jewish state. Some newspapers said the winners were Jews, and others claimed they were Israelis, forgetting that the Jewish state used to denigrate Israelis who emigrated. The success of the three Jewish scientists pleased the Israeli press. However, the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies published a study which said that scientific institutions in Israel are in danger. The study says the remarkable Israeli performance in science is declining, because of the government’s policy regarding education. It shows that the Likud and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government ignores education, because it only has money for settlements.
Individual attacks Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Ramallah, October 20
Israelis talk about growing Palestinian motivation to launch individual attacks against IDF troops in the West Bank and around the Gaza Strip. The fact is that Palestinians don’t need additional motives to launch these attacks, which weren’t previously planned or adopted by any Palestinian party. Israel says these incidents were done by individuals and not led by parties.
Regardless of personal motives, these attacks show growing Palestinian rage. The economic situation is getting worse, negotiations are not moving forward, and Israel is linking the end of Iranian nuclear program with the progress of the peace talks. Israel has always talked about expectations for a third intifada; it might even have tried to fabricate one to avoid the difficulty of negotiations. We have seen a similar state of public explosions before the first and second intifadas.
The tormentor in humane clothing Dar Al-Khaleej, Sharqa, United Arab Emirates, October 21
The Zionist occupation granted an Egyptian Arab the title “Righteous Among the Nations,” because he risked his life to protect Jews from the Nazis. One of the doctor’s heirs in Egypt told the press he would have been interested in the medal if it came from any country other than Israel. He said the doctor did not choose to help people based on their nationality, gender or religion. The doctor did not help them as Jews; he helped human beings in need. The same thing happened when Arabs helped Jews coming to their countries, fleeing persecution in Europe. Nazism wasn’t the first European phenomenon of persecuting the Jews or others. The Arab did not care for the medal because he saw in it political hypocrisy, and a tormentor’s attempt to reward its victims. Israel was based on the oppression and killing of other people, and is now trying to remove the stains of its continuous crimes against the Arabs and Palestinians.
The worst people on earth Al-Hayat, London, October 20
The International Herald Tribune has published its last issue, said prominent Arab writer Jihad el-Khazen, becoming the “International New York Times.” “The New York Times and The Washington Post are two of my favorite newspapers published in English,” said Khazen, despite the fact that some columnists and writers of editorials are pro-Likud (Netanyahu’s party).
“I trust that the news is correct and there are two sources for every piece of news, continued Khazen.
I wanted to write a piece on the modification of the historic newspaper’s name, but changed my mind after reading an opinion piece titled ‘How Palestinian Hate Prevents Peace,’ by Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz. What does Steinitz want? Does he want the radical Israeli government to occupy the Palestinians’ lands, steal their homes, kill and displace them, and then have the Palestinians throw flowers and rice at it, like they do in the West? “Israel is occupying Palestinian lands. The Palestinians accepted the establishment of a state on 22 percent of their land, but Israel refused. The only problem the US is facing in our region is Israel.”
Israel attacks Arab revolutions electronically Filisteen, Gaza Strip, October 19
Israel is focused on popular movements and the ongoing debate on social networks in Arab countries, making it deploy an electronic army to the Arab Spring countries. According to the media, the establishment of the “M.E.” unit, with hundreds of recruits, comes as part of the electronic war waged by Israel against the Arab world. Former intelligence officials said the unit has the ability to influence various fields, through participation in dialogue and information-gathering. The unit performs spying, photographing, surveillance or jamming of connections in order to control social media and collect information about Israel’s enemies.
The unit also aims to pass intelligence and propaganda messages to affect the “collective consciousness” of the people.