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A palestinian woman sits on a suitcase at Israel’s Erez Crossing after leaving Gaza on Sunday. (photo credit: REUTERS)
A palestinian woman sits on a suitcase at Israel’s Erez Crossing after leaving Gaza on Sunday.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Death to Arab
Al-Ittihad , Abu Dhabi, July 15
When all of Israel chants, “Death to the Arabs!” what can we expect from the Israeli politicians waging a war against the Palestinians? The Israeli leadership reflects the fascist Nazism in Israeli society.
This community, which practices Nazism and racism, can only produce haters that burn Palestinians, just like the murder and burning of Palestinian child Muhammad Abu Khdeir, and the current aggression in Gaza. Those people don’t differentiate between a civilian and a militant and aim to kill more people, claiming that they are potential activists. Israelis are not physiologically ill, but are implementing plans designed decades ago. Yet the world doesn’t believe their lies anymore.
The worst thing that happened to them is their international image has now changed. They realize now that their allies in the West are fed up with them. The war equation has also changed: While Israelis used to lay on beaches while Gaza was being bombarded, they now run to shelters, fleeing the Gaza rockets.
The Palestinian July and the Lebanese July
Al-Hayat, London, July 14
Every now and then, Israel remembers it is a fragile state, writer Ghassan Charbel says. Gaza missiles fired at Israel are not developed and resemble the weapon of a weak people, who can’t afford modern aircraft to precisely destroy nations. The rockets fired from Gaza are messages aimed at shaking Israeli security.
The lack of safe zones reminds Israelis that Palestinians won’t surrender to the huge imbalance of power.
The Lebanese introduced the missiles to Israel’s security calculations for the first time in 2006. Israel, surprised by this militant progress, was defeated by being forced to accept a cease-fire before silencing the missiles. Palestinian rockets are fired from Gaza but Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is betting on the Arab region’s turmoil, and the absence of the Arab leaders and armies in their own battles. However, Palestinians are ready to sacrifice, believing that resistance is their choice and destiny. Amid all this, nobody expects the Arabs to respond; they’ve turned into zombies!
Hamas wins and Palestinians are losing
Al-Nahar, Beirut, July 15
Despite the huge damage to Israel and Gaza during the seven days of war, Hamas feels it’s winning over Israel in this confrontation, writes Elias Harfoush.
Their feeling stems from their ability to spread panic among Israeli civilians, forcing them to flee to shelters, and the missiles’ success in reaching Tel Aviv.
The movement feels it’s back on the regional map after the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
However, the writer wonders how Hamas could think this while Israel continues bombarding Gaza in areas from which it says rockets are launched. The talk about achievements ignores the victims who fell in the past few days. More than 180 people were killed, and the numbers could increase. The so-called gains also overlook the damage caused to the future relationship between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Hamas wants to prove itself a major player in the Palestinian political arena, neglecting the pain of the people in Gaza.
Netanyahu’s war started a long time ago
Al-Rai, Amman, July 14
In spite of Israel’s attempts to justify its air strikes on the Gaza Strip by naming the Palestinian activists, the pictures of dead children say otherwise. Israel’s strategies seem to encourage the out-of-range Hamas rockets, so they can hit back with stronger artillery. Only when they silence the rockets will they enter Gaza, attempting to push the Palestinians into a corner. Even if Hamas says it is ready to fight until the last person, the fact remains that the Israeli militant force is much more powerful and can leave many more casualties before wiping out everything. The Israeli army’s violation of international law in Gaza is a reason to be concerned. Both sides need to end the massacres there.
Innocent people of Gaza need support
Al-Ahram, Cairo, July 15
The aftermath of the continued aggression against the Gaza Strip makes one think the people won’t be able to endure much more, says writer Meriam Ali. But Israel has never been able to bring Gazans to surrender. While Israel says it has the right to defend itself against Hamas rockets, which rarely cause damage or kill anyone, Hamas says it has the right to fight the Israeli occupation and siege around Gaza. During each war, the Israeli army claims it wants to stop Hamas, but ends up targeting the entire population there. Those firing rockets at Israel can’t complain of Israel’s killing and destruction. Similarly, those justifying the Israeli army’s repeated collective punishment of the Palestinians in Gaza, in the context of self-defense, should not be shocked when more rockets or suicide bombings come their way. Violence breeds violence. You can’t pretend that young Palestinians see any hope or light at the end of the tunnel. Israel, think wisely before you weep!