Glow in the dark

Look like a movie star, sport activewear and stock up on toys – Hanukkah is almost here.

Look like a movie star, sport activewear and stock up on toys – Hanukkah is almost here (photo credit: Courtesy)
Look like a movie star, sport activewear and stock up on toys – Hanukkah is almost here
(photo credit: Courtesy)
That Hollywood glow
Have you ever wondered how the stars always look so fresh and glowing on the red carpet? A beauty treatment introduced recently in Israel takes credit for the glow enjoyed by many of the top stars, including Beyoncé, Paris Hilton, Kate Winslet and even Matthew McConaughey, to name but a few. So how does it work?
The company’s slogan is “Three steps, 30 minutes” and it does take only 30 minutes, so you can get it during your lunch break. HydraFacial uses a patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin, leaving it glowing and fresh. The machine gently exfoliates the top layers of the skin while removing debris from pores (blackheads) with painless suction and then nourishes skin using the company’s super intensive serums that saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize the glow. The result? Face skin looks more even, glowing and refreshed – and ready for the red carpet. NIS 800 to NIS 1,300, available in beauty centers and cosmetic surgeries. To find one near you call Promedics (03) 603-0078, or Dr. Lali Hannani at 054-339-3331.
Shape up
Even if you haven’t started exercising regularly, you can still dress up as if you have. Hoodies has launched its fall-winter collection offering a wide range of fashionable and comfortable well-designed basics that suits not only the young and fit. Mix-and-match pieces from their Athleisure collection of fun jogging suits, or make a fashion statement with pieces from their Color-Block Party collection. Additional safe options include the classical denim jeans and jackets and the Cool&Casual comfy separates. NIS 49.90 to NIS 199.90 for grownups and NIS 59.90 to NIS 179.90 for children.
Find real beauties
Sacara is a local low-cost beauty chain that offers good makeup and cosmetics at very reasonable prices. The chain has recently launched a new concept – Sacara Trend – a line of makeup items enriched with vitamins, anti-oxidants and herbal essences, which include no parabens. Sacara now has stores in all the major shopping centers and the shops offer an extensive line of up-to-date, quality items in a fraction of the cost of similar products.
As part of the relaunch, the chain introduces new items in all the categories, including primers, concealers, eye and cheek palettes, and shimmers. Our favorite is a contouring and blush palette enriched with vitamin E. The new palette includes a contouring grayish brown, a pinkish blush and a shimmer for highlighting. The palette includes a brush and is small enough to carry in the bag. The really amazing thing about it is that it is not only very effective and easy to use, but that it costs less than NIS 30. How amazing is that?
Get the magic touch
Hair removal products usually surface before the summer, but a new brand dedicated to the removal of unwanted body and facial hair is something to write about. The new international brand, called simply Remove, offers a wide range of solutions color-coded for different skins and hair types. The range includes preparation spray and wipes, for numbing the area and reducing pain, retouch pen to help easily shape eyebrows and remove facial hair (great!), Maxi Kit, including 52 cold wax strips, roll-on system, Brazilian bikini home wax and more. There is also a hair removing cream and herbal wipes for the removal of residual wax. Distributed in Israel by D. Amour Technologies. For more details call 050-8547822.
Dig in
Zabar has introduced a new tehina with lots of chickpeas – and it looks like it is going to become our new favorite. The otherwise healthful tehina, served mixed with chickpeas, is considered by nutritionists as a super food – and it is very good.
Paskovich specializes in imports of frozen foods. The company recently added new frozen berries to its collection – which includes fruit picked in Serbia under strict supervision and frozen using an advanced technology. The new items in the line include frozen red raspberry and frozen mixed berries, both fantastic for using in smoothies, cakes, desserts and ice creams. Love them! Kosher badatz, NIS 14.5 for 300 grams.
Try gluten-free
The American health food brand Bob’s Red Mill is now imported to Israel, offering those who avoid gluten new and fantastic options. The products, sold in most supermarkets, include gluten-free, whole-grain flours, Mexican tortilla flours, organic gluten free cereals, as well as vegan egg replacements, rich oats, fiber and other healthful baking such as aluminum-free baking powder and more. Prices range between NIS 15 and NIS 55.
Choose vegan
Ever since my daughter became vegan, I am always looking for new plant-based products to replace animal-based ones. Vega, a company that markets only vegan products, recently launched a new spread made from organic vegan oils as well as carrot juice and lemon juice, that tastes very much like butter. In fact, according to the company 100% of blind tasters thought it is butter. Great for spreading in sandwiches, baking, frying and making sauces, this spread is also more healthful for those looking to reduce cholesterol intake, or are lactose intolerant. Try it. Available in supermarkets and health stores. NIS 14.90 to NIS 18.90. For more products go to
Prefer the healthier option
Movie night at our home always calls for snacks, of course. But in order to reduce the guilt feelings, I try to look for less harmful snacks. As part of this search, I recently discovered organic baked potato crisps that are actually good. The new Hasade products, including baked crisps in three flavors – classic, piquant and with vegetables (organic carrot, beetroot, spinach, and broccoli), include no trans fats, cholesterol, preservatives, artificial colorings and GMOs. NIS 9.90 to NIS 10.90 available in stores around the country.
Shop for toys
The Hanukkah toy shopping is not quite like the Christmas craze, but the kids still expect presents and goodies and, as every year, one of the largest toy importers and marketers in the country, Diamant Toys, is launching new hits. This year the list includes the heroes of the TV program Rescue Team, Slime mixer cars and other slime holders, Hatchibaby dolls and collectible eggs and from the do-it-yourself line – our favorite – bath balls that kids make themselves. There are also card games and Betty Spaghetti, the winner of Game of the Year in the US. Available in all toyshops.
Get good goodies
Buying candy for Hanukkah? Why not help children at the same time? The Gdolim MeHahaim organization for children with cancer offers a range of kosher candy and candle gift boxes, available on the organization’s Internet site, and all proceeds go to the children. Prices range from NIS 12 to NIS 38. or call (03) 619-5977.
Love Lotus cookies? I know I do. But as if that is not bad enough, Lotus has now introduced an even bigger sin – lotus balls covered with Belgian chocolate. No need to elaborate, right? Yes. It as good as it sounds. Kosher.