Jerusalem gem

Arcadia Ba’Moshava is a romantic boutique hotel offering a warm welcome in an intimate setting.

Arcadia Ba’Moshava Hotel (photo credit: PR)
Arcadia Ba’Moshava Hotel
(photo credit: PR)
Between Jerusalem’s Greek and German colonies sits a gem of a boutique hotel: Arcadia Ba’Moshava.
Although the capital has long been a tourist magnet, it is only recently that boutique hotels have become popular.
Arcadia Ba’Moshava is a very welcome addition, providing a uniquely “Jerusalem” atmosphere in a warm and intimate setting, with a wonderful staff.
Set in a lovely garden, the hotel is one of six in the Arcadia Hotel chain owned by brothers Meir and Ofer Da’abul. Both are from Jerusalem and are therefore very connected to the city.
Fittingly, the structure itself of Arcadia Ba’Moshava is historical. Built before 1918,it was originally the home of Mary Harouf, a renowned dressmaker of the city’s elite women during the British Mandate period.
The hotel’s 24 romantic rooms are cozy and beautiful, decked out with period furniture. Some of the rooms have terraces, offering a pastoral view of the neighborhood. One is assured a good night’s sleep in the comfortable bed and an enjoyable toilette in the spacious shower. Charming touches abound, such as the electric kettle that is shaped like a dainty teapot.
The delicious breakfast, included in an overnight stay, includes a full buffet with smoked fish, native fruits and fresh juices, as well as a menu of hot dishes cooked to order, such as a very good shakshuka.
Perks are plentiful. Every afternoon there is a light meal in the lobby that showcases the cuisines that make Israel a melting pot. Leafy teas, wine and French pastries are some of the treats on offer.
Guests may also use hotel bicycles free of charge to tour around, with the First Station complex and Hamesila Park just a short ride away. My companion and I felt that our cycling jaunt was a highlight.
And after exercise, we felt justified in indulging in a burger dinner on trendy Emek Refaim Street nearby.
Every guest – a mixture of native Israelis and tourists, some students studying in Israel for the year – receives a Hebrew- English Jerusalem dictionary, and there is a small lending library of books and magazines in both languages.
There is much to learn about the area as well. Every Saturday, the hotel offers a free guided tour around the German and Greek colonies.
Arcadia Ba’Moshava also offers spa treatments, so if a guest is seeking further relaxation, a massage is just a phone call away.
 The writer was a guest of the hotel.
13 Yehoshua Bin Nun Street, Jerusalem. Tel: (02) 542-3000. (in Hebrew)