STARCATCHER: Astrology for the week of July 9, 2010

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: It is perfectly all right to get angry. The trick is to decide how you are going to focus this energy and turn it into something positive.
Change is on the way as this week you begin to re-evaluate your feelings toward money and finances. No longer do you need to panic every time you think of speaking with your bank or financial advisors. However, you will have to tighten your belt a bit during the summer. Your relationship with a sibling is as strong as ever and soon you will have to find the time and space to be together. HINT: You are always ready to help a friend in need and your concern and caring is greatly appreciated.
JULY 23-August 22
The time has come for you to begin thinking and planning for your ownfuture. For much too long you have been putting your own needs asideand spending both time and money helping everyone else. The end resultis that you are beginning to be concerned about financial matters andyou still haven’t taken that trip, bought those clothes and/or thatgadget you have been longing for for so long. You have no one to blamebut yourself, so clear the slate and start having some fun. HINT:Monday and Tuesday are perfect days for taking your rightful place,center stage.
Although the answers you are seeking continue to elude you, you have nochoice but to move on. When the time is right, the pieces of the puzzlewill appear, and if you are still interested you can deal with themthen. For now, instead of placing the blame on others, try to discoverwhat your part was in the matter. People love to talk and gossip butthis time you will be wise to simply walk away. HINT: If you canharness some of that energy you are feeling you will be amazed at howmuch you can accomplish this week.
Problems and mistakes made over the past year cannot be changed, butyou can adjust your reaction to them. This is a perfect week forrolling up your sleeves and getting rid of things you really don’tneed. That also includes feelings of guilt and insecurities which havesurfaced here and there this past year. HINT: Friendships mean a greatdeal to you and you are willing to sacrifice a great deal for thepeople you love. But, soon you must take a good hard look at one or twoof the people close to you and see if they are reciprocating in kind.
This is a good week to put your professional needs first and to beginmaking some important changes. Chose your friends carefully and keepyour thoughts to yourself for now. In the weeks to come you will have amuch clearer view of what is really going on around you and that iswhen you can safely make your move. HINT: A simple conversation with anearth sign could turn out to be much more complicated and problematicthan you imagined. Be prepared for some fireworks.
The more cautious and precise you are right now, the better. You haveall the information you need, but have to be careful about the timing.For now, sit tight and watch the play unfold. When the dust settles youwill be in the driver’s seat. Take some time off this week to simplyhave fun with your family and those closest to you. It is time for youto rediscover your inner child and enjoy yourself again. HINT:Wednesday and Thursday are important meeting days. Be prepared.
Finally after months of extra hard work, you are ready to pick yourfeet up and have some fun. It has been much too long since you had boththe time and the funds you need in order to relax and stop worrying.New friends, new places and possibly a new job or career change willhelp keep the next few months exciting and interesting. This is aperfect week for socializing and mingling with old friends and new.HINT: This is a perfect time for redecorating and making some changesin your home.
You are beginning to get bored with the long hours and busy scheduleyou have been keeping over the last few months, but for now there isn’tmuch you can do to ease the load. What you can do, however, is stopbringing work home and start enjoying your family and neighbors more.Make plans to throw a party. Everyone will want to come. HINT: Yourrelationship with a sibling is changing and time spent together is muchmore pleasant right now.
The time has come for you to begin taking better care of yourself…getenough rest, eat healthier food and begin a workout program. This pastyear, you were so busy at your job that you let your own personal needsfall to the wayside. When dealing with another water sign try to be alittle more patient. Although you have a lot in common there aremoments when you see things from different angles. HINT: Think twicebefore getting involved with a friend in a business venture.
If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This is the time foryou to be extremely cautious and careful, both in your personal andprofessional life. There are still some factors that need to be takeninto account before you can safely sign a new business deal. Don’t letyour natural enthusiasm cloud your judgment. Intellectually, you lovethe give and take of working as part of a team. HINT: Monday andTuesday are the best days for entertaining this week.
Your home and family are uppermost on your mind and the time has comefor you to make a few minor adjustments in your workload in order tospend more time with the people you love. Soon you will have to make adecision concerning the direction you wish your life to take. Remember,in order to get respect you have to first give respect. Time spent withyoung people will bring unexpected pleasant results. HINT: When drivingon Sunday and Monday give yourself enough time so that you don’t haveto rush on the roads.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Family and relatives are accented this week as social functions bringyou together. This is a good time for you to build some bridges andmend some fences. This time it will be up to you to take the firststep. Professionally, you continue working overtime and as much as youwould love to accept a new project, you know that honestly you don’thave the time you would need in order to do a proper job. HINT: Bepatient with a Virgo. Just because he/she sees things differently thanyou do, doesn’t mean they don’t care.