STARCATCHER - Astrology for the week of June 4, 2010

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: The seeds you planted may not produce the flower you expected, but they will give you the fruit you need.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GEMINI---AIRMAY 21-JUNE 21By the middle portion of this week, you will begin focusing your energy on your home and living conditions. Things which didn’t bother you before may begin to irritate you no end. Rather than tackling everything at once, begin by making lists and checking each item off as soon as you have solved the problem. HINT: Just because that new person you met seems interesting and exciting, does not mean you have to automatically include him into your inner circle.
Your relationship with a sibling is as strong as ever, and although youwould love to spend time with him/her, it seems as if there is alwayssomething you have to do first. Don’t push it. When the time is right,you will know it. That is when you can order your ticket.Professionally, this is the time to remove all the stops and head forthe finish line. Trust yourself and aim high. HINT: Although yourfinancial situation is not as secure as you would wish, it is betterthan it was.
JULY 23-August 22
You have a lot of energy and anger hidden just below the surface, andrather getting upset, try relaxing and trusting in yourself. Ready ornot, this is a time of change for you and you will be amazed at howsimply things fall into place once you relax and stop trying to swimupstream. HINT: Forget trying to save money. Unexpected expenses keepcropping up and must be dealt with as everyone seems to turn to you forhelp.
You have the strength to move ahead and this is the time to getorganized, consider your options, and chose which path you wish totake. Not everyone is interested in all the fine details whichcomplicate your life, and you will be well advised to chose your wordscarefully and think before you speak. Financially, this is a good weekfor going over your accounts and making precise notes. HINT: You can’tstop the wind, but you can adjust your sail.
So much is going on behind the scene that some days you wonder if youwill ever be in control of your life again. The answer is ‘YES’. As amatter of fact, things are far better today than they were even a monthago. Take your time and make a list of questions. The more answers youhave, the more secure you will feel. This is not the best week forsetting up a new business or for acting hastily. What begins on thespur of the moment may disappear just as quickly. HINT: Plans to visita sibling may be postponed for a few months.
You have the need to be independent and will find it rather difficulttaking orders right now. Whatever you do—take your time. If you rushinto anything now, you will soon discover that you will be spendingmonths asking yourself, ‘What was I thinking?’ If you have to work as amember of a team, you will be much happier as the leader and not afollower. HINT: A conversation with a partner and/or mate will providesome missing pieces of the puzzle.
You are very ambitious and have a great desire to succeedprofessionally. That is why for so long you have been working so hard.But lately, you have begun wondering if you are in the right place,doing the right job. Before making any rash moves, check out youroptions, take a deep breath, be honest with yourself and only thenshould you make your move. HINT:  Patience and trust will help you getover the rough patches.
This is a time of great changes both professionally as well aspersonally. You may decide to move out of your old neighborhood. Or,perhaps change your place of employment. Although you are anxious toget on with your life, you are going to have to step back and moveslowly. When speaking to another earth sign, pay close attention towhat is not being said. HINT: This is the time where you must do whatis good for you, rather than worry about what others will say.
Think twice before voicing your opinion and wherever possible weighyour options. Anxious for change, you think you have everything allworked out, but there may be a few loose ends which you haveoverlooked. Better to act on the side of caution than regret yourdecision later. Your relationship with your siblings is not as strongas it used to be simply because you are all so busy. HINT: Don’thesitate to reach out to others. Sometimes all a person needs is a kindword or a helping hand.
Your income is likely to become a little unstable right now, and thisis definitely not the time for making unusual purchases or committingyourself to long term payments. Although you would love to jump ahead,you are going to have to take baby steps for a little longer. HINT: Youmay find it challenging to remain calm while dealing with a partnerand/or mate. Try giving each other a little more space and see if thathelps.
You may find that you feel the need for more freedom and want to traveluncharted waters. Before you dive into the deep end, take a deep breathand give yourself some time to plan. If you are a nester and find itdifficult to make changes, then you may be in for some stressfulmoments. Take some time this week to discuss your ideas and plans withyour partner and/or mate. HINT: You will be amazed at just how muchenergy you have and how much work you really can accomplish once youset your mind to it.
This is not the best time for you to make spur-of-the-moment decisions.And, if you are uncertain, than your answer should be ‘NO’. In theweeks to come you will have a much broader picture and that is when youcan safely make your move. This is also a time whereby you willquestion your relationships. You have a great deal of energy, but maynot have the self-discipline needed to push things forward. HINT: Timespent with a Cancer will be calming and extremely pleasant.