Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of October 20, 2017.

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Trust your intuition.

Zodiac clock  (photo credit: REUTERS/STEFANO RELLANDINI)
Zodiac clock
Things are definitely looking up, and this week you begin to receive some information which will help you to push your plans forward. You now have a better grip on where you stand and who you can rely upon. Others would carry a grudge, but that is not your style.  Financially things are better than they have been in a very long time, and not only are you sleeping better but you feel a lot more confident and in control. Your relationship with an older sibling continues to remind you just how special the tie is. HINT: Try to find some quiet time to spend with your partner or mate over the weekend.
A surge of energy during the middle portion of this week will help you to complete a project which has become stale and aggravating.
Your usual patience wears thin and you will be happy and relieved when it is done. Try to keep your schedule flexible on Monday and be prepared for an interesting conversation with an air sign. Financially you are taking your situation seriously and are almost where you need to get in order to breathe freely. HINT: This weekend will provide a perfect opportunity for you to take care of personal business and even pamper yourself for a change.
Although you are not yet out of the woods, most of the forest is behind you and you can clearly see a path leading to where you want to go. It has been a rough year, but between family and close friends you have managed to pull through much better than you had dared to dream. Take this time to unwind and begin to trust yourself. Everyone else does. Your partner or mate not only stands solidly beside you but is actually your best friend. Don’t worry… they know just how much you appreciate them. HINT: Time spent with an elderly member of your family warms your heart.
Some days you are so filled with joy and awe that you can’t believe after all this time dreams really do come true. You deserve every moment and have worked extremely hard to get where you are today. Financially things are a bit tough right now as unusual expenses have poked a hole in your savings, but nothing you hadn’t foreseen. Time spent alone with your partner or mate will prove a bit stifling during the middle portion of this week as you long for some quiet time for yourself. HINT: Be patient with an elderly member of your family and try to remember just how sensitive they really are.
You are a bit stressed over money as between weddings, birthdays and other happy occasions you are shelling out cash as if it was nothing, whereas the opposite is true. Don’t panic. Things are beginning to calm down, and soon you will be able to replace most of that money. Your relationship with a parent is special, and as time goes by it only gets stronger. Career wise you are waiting to make some serious changes and find it rather difficult to remain patient while others are in control. HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for enjoying some oneon- one time with your partner or mate.
Major changes have been exciting and exhausting at the same time. This is the week for you to take a step back and start taking better care of yourself. Most of the hard work is behind you, but at the same time you have depleted your energy to the point where your health could be affected if you don’t cut back a bit. Financially things are definitely improving, and all those months of penny pinching are beginning to pay off. HINT: You have put off working on a special project for quite some time, and once you find the quiet emotional space to create you will find a level of peace and joy you have missed.
A lot of your energy is focused on others this week, especially on your partner or mate. While usually on the same page, right now you need a bit more patience to allow this person to catch up with you. Small disappointments and setbacks are not serious enough to waste getting upset over, but still they could slow you down, which is definitely not on your agenda. Financially you need to take a step back right now and perhaps even discuss your plans with an expert you trust. HINT: Time spent with a water sign will be anything but boring and could actually be just what you need to lighten your mood.
Things are moving along according to plan, and soon you will reap the reward of all your hard work. Your professionalism as well as your vast experience pave the way toward your final goal. Be a bit more patient and all will be fine. Financially you are struggling to find enough money to put aside lately as unexpected expenses have cropped up all too frequently over the past couple of months. An evening in your favorite restaurant with your favorite relative is just what you both need to perk up your week. HINT: Wednesday and Thursday are good days for checking out the possibility of a short trip.
Take a step back in order to get a better perspective before you commit to a major move or project. You tend to get a bit overexcited without checking all the fine print, and this time it could cost you. One or two people whom you trust completely will help you if you are willing to share your thoughts and ideas. Financially you need to keep a tight hold on your wallet these days and watch where you put your keys and cash when at work. HINT: Your relationship with a Scorpio is proving to be not only fun but profitable as you work well together.
You have put so much effort into helping out your family that you are left with precious little time for yourself. As the weeks progress you will be extremely busy professionally and will be concentrating on getting the job done as well as possible and to your high standards. Take the weekends for yourself and don’t feel guilty if you have to say “no.” An evening with your partner or mate will prove to be very interesting and well worth the time. HINT: Be prepared for a lot of company, especially family and friends from abroad.
You have put off working on a special project simply because you are too tired and a bit weary of people who criticize without actually understanding where you are going with this body of work. Ignore them and trust yourself. This will probably be one of the best pieces of work you have produced in a long time. Financially you are finally seeing a rise in your cash flow and soon will be able to set some aside for a trip in the spring with a special family member. HINT: Take some time to settle down and rest at home this week. Read a book, watch a movie and eat something fattening... enjoy!
Although you are actually loosening up you still have a big of climbing down from that tall tree you put yourself in. It takes two to make an argument and two to shake hands and move on. But only one will offer his hand first and there is no reason it can’t be you. Financially you have all the money you need right now and can stop worrying about petty expenses that can’t be ignored. HINT: When talking to a Cancer, remember that this person is not only super-sensitive, but has a very long memory and won’t hesitate to remind you of past errors on your part.