$500 offered for murdering IDF soldier

Site offers $500 for mur

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An e-mail sent to many Israelis by an unidentified address Tuesday morning called for the murder of an IDF soldier in return for $500. A link to a possibly Palestinian Web site (http://www.kku4u.info), since taken down, revealed further details: The money would be sent via Paypal to any individual who killed an IDF soldier, documented the act and provided information about the soldier's identity to the Web site's administrators. Recipients of the message who ventured onto the site were met with images of IDF soldiers and murder instructions written in Arabic and broken English, along with an incentive - "Get $500 dollars against killing an Israeli soldier" - presented in big red letters. Suggested "tools of murder" included a pistol and a knife. "Go to the whereabouts of the victim … kill the victim," the site instructed, stressing the importance of moving "with caution" and wearing a "face cover." The next step, according to the Web site, would require those who wished to receive the money to "take a picture" of the soldier's body just before "pulling out quickly." While it is unknown if the site was a private endeavor or a message sent on behalf of a terrorist group, organizations such as Hamas and Hizbullah have been known in the past to use the Internet to advance their causes. The initiative was described by the site's administrators as a solution to the issue of unemployment in Israel. Although the site's domain was registered to a phone number in Israel, it was unclear whether it was indeed based there. The administrator's e-mail address, i.am.hitler.2099@gmail.com, was used last year to send anti-Israel messages describing the demise of the Jewish state and urging recipients to "guarantee a high return" by spying on Israel. "Because the Muslims love death, many Muslims will go to Palestine to fight," the message had read. "Rockets will fall on your head at any time."