Abbas: PA will not launch third intifada

Abbad We wont launch a

abbas Fernandez 248.88 (photo credit: AP)
abbas Fernandez 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
The Palestinian people will not launch a new intifada against Israel, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday night, referring to concerns that long-stalled negotiations and rising tensions would pave the way to a new popular uprising in the Palestinian population. "We've suffered enough," he said of the path of armed struggle. "The Palestinian people are focused only on the path of peace, through negotiations." Speaking in Argentina after a meeting with President Cristina Fernandez, Abbas repeated his demand that Israel freeze all construction beyond the green line, including that which is intended for 'natural growth.' "What we demand is in the road map," he said, referring to a US plan for peace in the Middle East. "This is what [US President] Barack Obama said when he visited Cairo." Abbas added that the US was not doing enough to pressure Israel on the settlement issue. "The US can do more than what it is doing to renew negotiations. We cannot ignore the part that the US plays, and the fact that it can influence Israel to return to the point where negotiations stopped," Abbas said. Fernandez said during the meeting that Israel and the US should do more to push for peace in the Middle East. She added that every participant needed to comply with international agreements.