Anti-Hamas Tamarod group denies involvement with Israel, US

The movement is inspired by anti-Morsi protesters in Egypt, and has vowed to end Islamist rule in the Gaza Strip.

A member of the "Tamarod - Rebel!" petition drive 521 (photo credit: reuters)
A member of the "Tamarod - Rebel!" petition drive 521
(photo credit: reuters)
The anti-Hamas Tamarod group, which has vowed to end the Islamist movement’s rule in the Gaza Strip, on Monday issued another statement denying links to Arab, Western and Israeli security agencies.
Inspired by Egypt’s anti-Muslim Brotherhood group, which carries the same name, the statement called on Palestinians to support its campaign to “end Hamas’s repressive regime.”
The anti-Hamas group has called for peaceful protests to topple Hamas starting from November 11.
Denying Hamas charges that the group was linked to external security agencies, including Egypt, Tamarod said, “If you think that rejecting oppression and suppression means coordination with Western or Arab security agencies, you are suffering from many psychological complexes.”
The statement said that Hamas and its government have failed in many fields. “There is no real resistance [against Israel] and your ostensible resistance is nothing but a public relations stunt,” the group said in its statement.
It also accused Hamas of collaboration with Iran and opening fire at Palestinians who try to launch rockets at Israel.