Anti-Jewish terrorists sentenced

Turkey: Life in prison given for attempted murder of Jewish businessman.

jak kamhi 88 (photo credit: )
jak kamhi 88
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A Turkish court on Friday sentenced two Islamic terrorists to life in prison for a failed attempt on a prominent Jewish businessman's life more than a decade ago.
The court in Istanbul found Yasar Polat and Kamil Askin, who allegedly belonged to the underground organization Islamic Action, guilty of attempting to kill businessman Jak Kamhi, who escaped the 1993 attack unharmed.
Three other suspects were given life sentences almost 10 years ago. Police captured Polat in 2003 and Askin was captured late last year, reportedly after returning from Afghanistan, private NTV television said. Another suspect, Ayhan Sagin, is still on the run.
Kamhi, whose Profilo Holding conglomerate specializes in household utilities, had come under attack while he was driving to work in 1993. The attackers were planning to blow up his car with a shoulder-fired missile which did not fire. Bullets that they fired at his car missed him.
Turkey's Jewish community numbers some 25,000.In 2003, Turkish Islamic terrorists linked to al-Qaida rammed truck bombs into two synagogues in Istanbul, killing dozens. In 1986, 22 people were killed when Arab gunmen attacked Istanbul's Neve Shalom synagogue.