Arab-Israeli ISIS fighter killed in Syria

Israeli-Arab former resident of Shefa-Ámr died in Syria last weekend while fighting for Isis.

Rami Hugirat (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Rami Hugirat
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Arab Israeli former Shefa-Amr resident and Islamic State member Rami Hugirat was killed recently in fighting around Homs. While the fighting took place over the weekend, his family in Israel confirmed his death on Monday.
40-years-old at the time of his death, Hugirat spent the last 15 years of his life in Germany and other European countries. His brother, Salah Hugirat, said he married a German woman at some point but ended their relationship and arrived in Syria two years ago.
The brother stated his family did not know Hugirat was an ISIS fighter and that the communication with him had been daily, as he was interested in the well-being of his parents. Despite this concern, he decided not to return to Israel.
"It's hard to take when someone you care for dies abroad and you can't accompany him and say farewell", he said. "We hope God will have mercy on him."