Arab League sends financial aid to Palestinians

$150,000 transferred to PA government for urgent medical care.

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The Arab League sent an emergency aid payment of US $150,000 to the Hamas-led Palestinian government Sunday, saying the money was desperately needed for medical care. League Secretary-General Amr Moussa said the funds were dispatched after the Arab bloc was repeatedly approached by the Palestinian health minister, who said medical care had seriously deteriorated. The United States and Europe, the world's two largest donors to the Palestinians, have halted aid payments, demanding that Hamas recognize Israel and renounce violence. Israel has stopped transfer of taxes and customs duties it collects for the Palestinians. Arab League foreign ministers met February in Algiers in an attempt to revive a funding plan they originally agreed to in 2002. That called for sending the Palestinian Authority $50 million a month. Arab countries have consistently failed to meet those pledges, either because they lack funds or because of political differences with the Palestinians.