Canadian jihadi welcomes Israeli Jews to join ISIS... if they convert

Abu Khalid al-Kanadi ("Abu Khalid the Canadian") a convert to Islam, has urged other Westerners to follow his lead.

ISIS fighter (photo credit: REUTERS)
ISIS fighter
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A Canadian jihadi fighting with the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) in Syria has said that he believes Israeli Jews would be allowed to join the faction and could even fight in Syria - if they converted to Islam first.
The jihadi, who goes by the nickname Abu Khalid al-Kanadi (“Abu Khalid the Canadian”) made the remark this week in response to a question asked to him via social networking site
Al Kanadi says he converted to Islam in 2010 and that it was not difficult for him to leave his family in Canada to go to Syria. “They reacted mainly with confusion, not understanding why someone would leave Canada to go to a land of war,” he told his followers.
The Canadian-born Islamic convert is also active on Twitter, where he frequently expresses violent, anti-American and anti-Semitic views. In recent tweets, he dubbed the United States “a nation of evil” and the “land of the immoral and home of the cowards”, warning that the flag of the Islamic Caliphate would soon fly over the White House. Regarding the Jews, al-Kanadi tweeted, “There has never been a people more racist in human history than the Jews.”
Al-Kanadi has urged other Westerners to follow his lead and convert to Islam.
“I was one of you, a disbeliever living in the West. Then I converted to Islam and joined ISIS. Praise be to Allah!” he tweeted earlier this month. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) estimates that at least 30 Canadians are fighting with extremist groups in Syria, and warned that they pose an “immediate” threat to Canadian national security.