Egypt considers easing Gaza travel restrictions

Cairo diplomat says military debating whether to reopen border crossing for Palestinians leaving Gaza once situation stabilizes.

rafah egypt gaza strip 248 88 (photo credit: )
rafah egypt gaza strip 248 88
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Egypt's military leadership is considering loosening the travel restrictions on Palestinians leaving the Gaza Strip, an Egyptian diplomat said Sunday, according to The Associated Press.
Egyptian ambassador to the Palestinians, Yasser Othman said that no immediate changes are planned.
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He did, however, say that "there are calls" in Egypt to reopen the crossing, and changes will be considered when the situation stabilizes, The Associated Press reported.
Col. Ayoub Abushaer, a Gaza border official, said Hamas authorities are in "daily contact" with Egyptian officials in the town of Rafah, which straddles the Gaza-Egypt border.
In February, Hamas leader in Gaza Mahmoud al-Zahar called on Egypt to provide electricity and water to the Gaza Strip and to open the Rafah Crossing to allow free movement of goods and vehicles to and from the territory.
Zahar said Egypt should reopen its peace treaty with Israel for negotiation so that it may be permitted to deploy troops throughout the Sinai Peninsula.